Who qualifies for an accreditation?

You can apply for an accreditation starting from the 1st of july 2019.

Only for film professionals and (film)press.

  • Journalists: access to the festival, press conferences and film screenings. Exceptions: opening- and closing film, The Ensor Gala and private B2B events. All journalists have to fill in the accreditation form and upload their press card.

  • Photographers and Camera-crews: access to the festival and the press conferences. No access to the film screenings. They have to fill in the accreditation form and upload their press card.

  • Film Students: can apply for an accreditation via their respective schooling institutions. By presenting a letter from their school and a valid student card.

  • Film professionals: access to the festival and the FFO-screenings. No access to receptions, opening- and closing film, the Gala of the Ensors. Film professionals have to prove their professionalism by filling out an up-to-date curriculum/filmography.

Please register first. The link to the application form will appear. After confirmation you will receive a personal voucher via mail. With this voucher (and unique code) you can order tcikets and collect your accreditation pass.


Journalists and photographers have to upload their press card with their application form. If you don’t have a press card, you will need a written recommendation of your chief editor or upload 3 published articles. Film professionals need to upload their curriculum / filmography. After approval you will receive an email with your unique accreditation code. FFO is free to approve or refuse accreditations. The accreditation is valid for the duration of the festival. The accreditation pass is strictly personal and non transferable. The pass will not be sent by mail. You can collect it at the reception of the festival, daily from 14.00h until 20.00h. All press can order tickets online when they have access to the unique code of the accreditation pass. Tickets are printable. All press can apply for a hotel room at a reduced rate. The Ostend Film Festival expects all evidence (print/digital) of the accredited press to be sent on time to: Filmfestival Oostende, Monacoplein 2, 8400 Oostende,