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  • 94
  • Chiara Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve
  • France
  • drama
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Claire Darling koppelt moeder Catherine Deneuve aan dochter Chiara Mastroianni. Deneuve houdt een grote zolderschoonmaak en biedt haast heel haar hebben en houden op straat te koop aan. Deze bizarre rommelmarkt vormt de aanleiding voor een melancholische terugblik op haar leven.

Filmfestival Oostende
26 May 19:30 Tickets

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The Best Of Dorien B.

drama komedie

Dorien (37) hasit all: a loving husband, two adorable children and she runs a succesful veterinary clinic.  

When a series of unfortunate events occur, her picture perfect life starts to crumble. She discovers her mother has been having an affair for years. Her husband is way to close with a co-worker and she discovers a lump in her breast. She starts to doubt all her decisions. Is this the life she dreamt about as a kid?

“The Best Of Dorien B” is a dramatic comedy about a woman who rediscovers and reinvents herself amidst all adversity.


The Best Of Dorien B.

6 Sep 19:30
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