COOP!-competition 2022

In 2022, we organised our very first international co-production competition. The focus is on collaborations or COOPerations that go beyond purely financial constructions by combining craftsmanship and creativity from Belgium and the Netherlands. Every year, the selection is evaluated by a professional jury from the Young Talents section of FFO. They determine the winners in the categories Best Direction, Best Scenario and of course Best Co-production.


The COOP!-competition celebrated Flemish and Dutch co-productions that combine craftsmanship and creativity from the Low Countries. The jury; screenwriter Angelo Tijssens, perfomer and actor Lara Chedraoui, director Sarah Kasmi, actor Noa Tambwe Kabati and filmmakers Kato De Boeck and Flo Van Deuren, chose the Belgian-French co-production 'Rien à foutre' to be the winner of the competition. 

Cassandra (wonderfully and treacherously light-heartedly interpreted by Adèle Exarchopoulos) takes us high above the clouds, and makes us feel the pain of the people on the frontline of low-cost airlines. 'Rien à foutre' by Julie Lecoustre and Emmanuel Marre is a deeply human comedy about the real value of things, about coming home, about saying goodbye and returning.



Jury chairman Angelo Tijssens co-wrote the screenplay of 'Girl' with Lukas Dhont. He is currently working with Dhont on 'Close' and with Anke Blondé on 'Dust'. He is also part of the artistic core of the Ontroerend Goed theatre company.

Lara Chedraoui is the front woman of the Belgian band Intergalactic Lovers, who are presenting their new album at FFO with a cinema concert. Chedraoui is making her acting debut in the TV series 'Lost Luggage', which is premiering and will be shown later this year on the television channel Eén.

Director Sarah El Kasmi wants to make sensitive social issues discussable. Her debut 'Rima' is a film about depression, alcoholism and self-mutilation. With her second film 'Le choix', she gave underprivileged young people a chance to act. She is currently working on a humorous TV series for Ketnet, about young people with multicultural backgrounds.

Noa Tambwe Kabati started several years ago in the hit series 'WtFOCK', where he played one of the main roles as Moyo. Together with Koen De Bouw, he will open this year's festival with the film 'Nowhere' by Peter Monsaert.

Director and screenwriter Kato De Boeck won a lot of awards with her graduation film 'Provence' in 2018. Together with Flo Van Deuren she made the short film 'Echo' as part of the 'Lockdown' series on Eén.

Flo Van Deuren graduated from the RITCS with the short film 'Bamboe'. Together with Kato De Boeck, she is currently working on 'Roomies', a mini-series full of humour, recognisability and honesty about the search of two twentysomethings for their identity, which will be shown on Eén.



Pandemie is a proud partner of the COOP! competition and donates 5,000 EUR and a custom-made trailer to the Best Film.