LOOK!-competition 2019

In the LOOK!-competition, a professional international jury will award the Best Film, in which the image lifts the story to a higher level in a striking or influential way. Awards will also be given to the Best Director Of Photography and the Best Screenplay. The UFK Press Award will be chosen by the Union of Film Critics.


The jury unanimously awarded 'The invisible life of Eurídice Gusmão' by director Karim Aïnouz with the LOOK! award for Best Film:

“The word ‘best’ should be put into perspective. They were all great films. However, in The invisible life of Eurídice Gusmão the cinematography and production design morphed effortlessly with the story, which extended throughout half a century in Rio de Janeiro. The film felt more like an impressionistic painting in which the inner world of two sisters came to life on film. French DOP Hélène Louvart and Brazilian production designer Rodrigo Martirena take you from the fifties all the way to 2018. Ainouz Karim created a masterpiece, in which unconventional emotions gradually involve you to partake and leave you with living personalities. Enchanting!"

The invisible life of Eurídice Gusmão'

The LOOK! competition also awards Best DOP and Best Production Design. 'Parasite' by South-Korean director Bong Joon-ho and art director Ha-Jun Lee won Best Production Design.

The jury announced: “The jump in art design between the classes (high-low) is almost biblical. A true gem of insanity and believability with bold choices of humor and complete honesty.” 


Best DOP went to the Belgian Oscar entry 'Nuestras Madres' by Cézar Diaz: “'Nuestras Madres' has enchanted us with its modest but very humble magic in the cinematography of Virginie Surdej. Nothing too fancy but very elegant and almost reluctantly truthful. Honestly!”

Nuestras Madres


  • 'Parasite' from Bong Joon-ho
  • 'Bacurau' from Kleber Mendonça Filha and Juliano Dornelles
  • 'The Invisible Life of Eurídice Gusmão' from Karim Aïnouz
  • 'Portrait de la jeune fille feu' from Céline Sciamma
  • 'Evge' from Nariman Aliev
  • 'Lillian' from Andreas Horvath
  • 'Nuestras madres' from Cesar Diaz