LOOK!-competition 2024

In the LOOK! competition, you will be blown away by visual storytelling. A strong story supported by beautiful images. You simply have to see these films on the big screen. Moreover, we award the work of the Director of Photography - unique in Europe!


The jury, comprised of chairman and director Stijn Coninx, director Vasilis Katsoupis, actress Renée Soutendijk, cinematographer Virginie Surdej and producer Joram Willink, unanimously agreed that 'The Zone of Interest' by Jonathan Glazer - who has been nominated for five Oscars and nine BAFTAs - was voted Best Film. In Glazer's latest film, Auschwitz commander Rudolf Höss and his wife Hedwig try to build a dream life for their family in a house and garden next to the camp.

The film is a masterpiece, opening a new chapter in film history. The perfectly executed storytelling and magnificent soundtrack make the horror creep in with sounds and cries from off-screen, through and over the walls. You don't want to see what you hear. The contrast between inside and outside "the zone" is enormous. To what extent is it possible to turn a blind eye to inhumane situations out of self-interest? However much the characters strive to ignore it, it ultimately does not leave them - and thus the viewer - unmoved.



Stijn Coninx

Jury chairman baron Stijn Coninx has been a leading director in Flanders for years. He is known for the films 'Daens', 'Marina' and 'Niet schieten', among others. He was also head of the directing department of the RITCS film school in Brussels.

Vasilis Katsoupis

Greek director Vasilis Katsoupis debuted in 2015 with the feature film 'My Friend Larry Gus.' In 2023, he directed the psychological thriller 'Inside' which stars not only the fantastic Willem Dafoe, but also Master Gene Bervoets.

Renée Soutendijk

Dutch actress Renée Soutendijk is back from never quite being gone. In the 1980s, she enjoyed fame for her roles in Paul Verhoeven films such as 'Spetters' and 'The Fourth Man'. In 2023, she acted in no less than three films and won the Gouden Kalf for Best Actress for her role in 'Sweet Dreams'.

Virginie Surdej

Cinematographer Virginie Surdej was richly awarded for her past films 'By the Name of Tania', 'Insyriated', 'Nuestras madres' and 'LUKA'. She is considered one of the most talented DOPs of the future. Her track record consists of both documentary and fiction films, and she regularly explores the boundaries between the two.

Joram Willink

In 2007, Joram Willink founded the production house BIND with Piet-Harm Sterk. As a producer, he works closely with screenwriters and directors to create stories that bring about social change. He is internationally acclaimed for his productions of which "El Houb," "The Judgement" and "Gluckauf" are some well-known ones.


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