The Master

Every year the Ostend Film Festival (FFO) puts a Flemish film professional who contributes to the success of the Flemish audiovisual sector in the spotlight. The Master is the curator of the festival. With a Master's selection of their favourite films we look back on the rich history of film and introduce lesser known genres to the public. In addition, the Master acts as host of the festival.

Ostend Film Festival (FFO) is proud to announce the Master of the 15th edition: dramatist and actress Natali Broods. She chose to focus on 'Family Dynamics'.

Past masters

  • 2022: Koen De Bouw

  • 2019: Lynn Van Royen

  • 2018: Matteo Simoni

  • 2017: Wim Opbrouck

  • 2016: Kevin Janssens

  • 2015: Maaike Cafmeyer

  • 2014: Wim Willaert

  • 2013: Johan Heldenbergh

  • 2012: Barbara Sarafian

  • 2011: Peter Van Den Begin

  • 2010: Bart De Pauw

  • 2009: Maurice Engelen

  • 2008: Tom Barman

  • 2007: Arno