COOP!-competitie 2023

In the COOP!-competition, the focus is on collaborations or 'COOPerations' that go beyond financial constructions and combine craftsmanship and creativity from the Low Countries. A jury decides which production will be awarded the title 'Best Co-production'.


From eight selected films, the jury chose 'Le bleu du caftan' a collaboration between Morocco, Belgium, France and Denmark. The Moroccan Oscar entry was showered with praise.

Unanimously, we choose the tenderness, love and delicate sensibility of 'Le bleu du caftan'. Rarely does a maker manage to so poetically portray the many facets of genuine love and sorrow. In the carefully sketched, and above all timeless, arena of the medina, surrounded by colourful fabrics and brilliant threads that we as viewers could feel through the screen, three souls showed us the pure essence of touch, intimacy and devotion, but also the cutting pain of loss and grief.


Special mention

The jury insisted on giving another special mention to 'Burning Days' by director Emin Alper

The eternal battle between climate and man, the tensions in a small community and the powerlessness in ourselves to give in to the darkness in all of us - the small village in Turkey showed us the current issues of the world, but also the pitfalls that come with a position of power and the perspective of the outsider with principles in a conservative, corrupt system.



Jury chairman Wim Willaert was born at sea, but he also feels at home on screen. 'Offline', 'Red Sonja', 'Bevergem', 'Eigen Kweek', 'Cargo' and 'Undercover' is just a selection from the impressive career of the always sympathetic actor and musician.

Sarah Lederman is a filmmaker specialising in documentary and fiction. With short films such as 'Miriam', 'Cocon' and 'les Racines de l'Eau', she has appeared at international film festivals and won regular awards. In 2021, she won the award for 'Best Short Film' at Film Festival Ostend with 'les Racines de l'Eau'. 

Ann Clauws is one of the most loyal members of the preselection team. In the run-up to the festival, she helped to complete the selection of international titles from the wide range of films on offer. 

Sterre de Jong is passionately committed to film festivals and is also a documentary filmmaker. She moderates many (film) events and is Head of Professionals & Talent at the Netherlands Film Festival. 

Jade Olieberg from Rotterdam is an actress and can be seen in theatre, television and film productions. Some of her roles make it clear that she is a prominent actress: 'I know who you are', 'ANNE+', and the recent series 'Geldwolven'.

Selectie COOP!-competitie

  • Drama
  • Romantiek



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