'Ninjababy' triumphs in the SOON!-competition

Every year, the Ostend Film Festival (FFO) rewards various films in diverse competitions. This year, 'Ninjababy' triumphed in the new SOON!-competition. 


Many striking coming-of-age portraits made by a new generation of filmmakers were selected for the SOON!-competition. Still, one film towered head and shoulders above the others. Jury members director Marc Lybaert, graphic designer Amira Daoudi and creative duo Gus & Stella declared the Norwegian film Ninjababy as the winner of this competition.

Hilarious and exciting. Strong, funny and engaged. A beautiful balance between the black humour and the heavy theme. You leave the theatre with a smile on your face. Actor Kristine Kujath Thorp delivers an entertaining, intriguing and captivating performance. The animations portray her thoughts and make this film unique.

In 'Ninjababy', director Yngvild Sve Flikke explores the life of 23-year-old Rakel who suddenly discovers that she is six months pregnant. The young cartoonist suspects that a cunning ninja baby has been hiding in her belly. To portray Rakel's conflicting feelings, the Norwegian director opted for a delightful mix of live-action and animation, so the mischievous ninjababy literally jumps from Rakel's illustrations. 'Ninjababy' will be in theaters all over Belgium on June 8

Honourable Mentions

The jury gave an honourable mention to 'Stop-Zemlia' by Kateryna Gornostai and Murina by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic.

'Stop-Zemlia' brings us back to the emotional state of our adolescence. The film is fictional, but the psychological worlds of the characters are documented in a very authentic way.

The beautiful cinematography, styling, grading, poster and music let us dive into a highly tense and complex, yet very recognizable family situation, where the resilience and desires of each character come into their own. The film lingers  for a long time like a wave that continues to stir the mind.


The other nominees were 'Luzzu' by Alex Camilleri, 'Mon Père, le Diable' by Ellie Foumbi, 'Sisterhood' by Dina Duma, 'You Resemble Me' by Dina Amer and 'Yuni' by Kamila Andini.