'Drive My Car', 'Nr. 10' and 'Luzzu' win the UFK Press Awards

Linda Crivits (FILM), Chantal Moens (Humbug, PR UFK), Erik Stockman (HUMO) and Marc Bussens (Enola, Humbug, Snapshots, FILM and president of UFK) chose Drive My Car to be the winner of the LOOK! competition, Nr.10 of the COOP! competition and Luzzu of the SOON! competition.  

This year, members of the press could praise their favourite films of the Ostend Film Festival. The Belgian Film Critics Association (UFK) is an organization of film critics from publications based in Brussels. They awarded their favourite films of the festival with a UFK Prize. The professional film critics shared their reviews and judged the films in the international competitions of the festival: LOOK!, COOP! and SOON!.

Drive My Car triumphs in the LOOK! competition

The jury unanimously agreed about the winner of the LOOK!. Drive My Car is a masterful poetic adaptation of the book by Murakami, abundant in captivating visuals and a bright mise-en-scène. 

The film of director Ryûsuke Hamaguchi was the Japanese entry for the Oscars and won, among others, the award for Best Scenario at the film festival of Cannes.

Nr. 10 is the winner of the COOP!-competition

The jury elected Nr.10 by Alex van Warmerdam because of the beautiful image compositions, black humor, outstanding acting performances and a surprising and invigorating scenario.

In his tenth feature film, film and theatermaker Alex van Warmerdam (Borgman, Abel) treats his audience to drily humorous dialogues, mysterious intrigues, voyeuristic characters and his favourite Flemish actors Tom Dewispelaere, Jan Bijvoet and Gene Bervoets. The Dutch director recommends his audience to go to the film uninformed about its plot: “Most films show during the first minutes which genre they belong to. This film doesn’t. And that is the fun of it, don’t you think?”

Luzzu prevails in the SOON! competition

The jury chose Luzzu to be the winner of this competition because of its subtle neorealistic tone and striking visualization of the authentic culture of Malta. 

The first feature film of Alex Camilleri describes a disappearing world, doomed to be defeated by the modern fishing industry and the ravaged ecosystem. Luzzu premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, during which Jesmark Scicluna won the jury award for his acting performance.