In 2022 we organised for the first time the international co-production competition. The competition focuses on collaborations or COOPerations that go beyond financial constructions. In particular movies with great craftmanship and creativity of the Low Countries - Belgium and the Netherlands - are strong contenders. Every year a selection is reviewed by a professional jury presided over by a Belgian or international film professional. They determine which production will be awarded the prize for the 'Best Co-production'.

COOP! stands for 'cooperate'. In a small country like Belgium, cooperation with international producers is often necessary to create great film projects. The cooperations are sometimes content-based, with an exchange of knowhow and talent, other times they exist out of financial necessity. In de COOP! competition we honour the best co-productions of Belgium and the Netherlands. 

Previous editions

Met 'Tiger Stripes' als winnaar.

Met winnaar 'Le bleu du caftan' en een speciale vermelding voor 'Burning Days'.

Met 'Rien à foutre' als winnaar.


Camalot is a proud partner of the COOP! competition